Applications for Bluezone® Fresh Preservation Technology


The technology offers significant financial benefit for military shipping, where food is stored for extended periods of time and resupply intervals are limited.

This patented technology removes ethylene, a naturally occurring plant hormone emitted by many fruits and vegetables that initiates ripening in surrounding produce (“one bad apple…”). The technology also effectively inhibits the spread of microbes (mold, fungus, bacteria) among the produce and other foods that are stored together. Without the technology in place, extended storage of mixed loads of fruits and vegetables can lead to excessive ripening, russet spotting, bitterness, softness, rotting, or toughening of the produce. The loss of produce is expensive. Up to 20% of each load can be ruined in transportation. An analysis of the cost of FF&V loss and the price of the Bluezone® products demonstrates that the Bluezone® will pay for itself in the first few months of use, providing the user with an extraordinary rate of return.

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