Applications for Bluezone® Fresh Preservation Technology

Primaira, LLC’s unique, patented, Bluezone® Fresh Preservation Technology offers the following benefits for produce shipping:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Minimized waste
  • Longer distance shipping of sensitive produce
  • Reduced need for chemical solutions to combat decay
  • Improved preservation for Organics
  • Optimized ventilation for CO2 – No ethylene build-up
  • Provides option for ocean transport instead of air freight

Bluezone® provides significant benefits to the shipping of the following fruits and vegetables:


Kiwis – high ethylene sensitivity- low threshold for response to ethylene.

  • Extends shelf life
  • Keeps ethylene below level that induces ripening while optimizing CO2 levels

Bananas – rapid ripening response from ethylene

  • Extends shelf life;
  • Prevents ethylene levels from rising to a level that will spring an entire load

Avocados, pears, stone fruit, mangoes – high ethylene production rates and sensitivity.

  • Extends shelf life
  • Maintains quality

Asparagus – high ethylene sensitivity

  • Extends shelf life by optimizing CO2 without ethylene build-up

Onions – susceptibility to mold

  • Reduces mold
  • Reduces odor

Melons – high ethylene production and sensitivity; susceptibility to mold


Grapes – ethylene impact on shatter

  • Improves quality/reduces shatter

Oranges – susceptibility to mold

  • Improves quality/Reduces mold

Berries – susceptibility to mold

produce shippers
Graph showing ethylene buildup for a kiwi load with and without Bluezone over time
Bluezone® allows the ventilation rate to be set in a Kiwi load that optimizes CO2 without ethylene build-up. – Positive demonstrations in Chill Boxes in Australia.
Graph showing ethylene buildup for a banana load with and without Bluezone over time
Bluezone® can mitigate ripening of Banana load during extended trips.
Graph showing ethylene buildup for an asparagus load with and without Bluezone over time
Bluezone® will extend asparagus shelf life by allowing the ventilation to be properly set without ethylene build-up.